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Wealthier, Fatter, Sicker,Tireder:Why Yo-Yoing Americans Are Suffering And What They Can Do About It

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Over 60% of Americans are overweight – and no matter how much carb-cutting, pill-popping, juice-drinking, or exercise they take, nothing seems to shift the pounds for good. Here’s why, and what they can do.

We all know why we’re carrying the extra pounds around. We drive everywhere, we eat too much junk food, and we don’t get half the exercise we should. At any given time, 45 million Americans are on a diet – but the statistics aren’t encouraging, with just 5% of dieters achieving permanent, life-long weight loss.

Ken Flett is the author of a radical new approach to dieting and weight loss called The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss, available on Amazon and at Friesen Press. In it, he presents a new strategy for the 95% of dieters who are doomed to yo-yo between their ideal weight and their regular weight.

“As with so many things, it’s all in the mind,” the Canadian author explains. “Our society is eager to give us quick-fix pills, fads, and celebrity diets that can shed unhealthy amounts fast – but if those pounds creep back on just weeks later, they’re clearly not working. Instead, they are laying the foundations for a lifetime of feast and famine as the body fights the natural mind. It’s a war that you will lose.”

Instead, Flett argues that it’s time to dump the diets and work on the inside – of your true nature. Instead of waging war on your body via diets designed to give you a “quick-fix” solution that fails just weeks later, Flett’s strategy works on an inner transformation that removes limiting beliefs, replacing them with a new nature.

By changing the deeply-ingrained habits of a lifetime that is our nature, we change into the person that we want to be – and in doing so, we’re no longer fighting ourselves in a vicious yo-yo standoff.

“It’s not about genetics, it’s not about willpower, it’s not about whatever the latest dietary craze is,” Flett explains. “All along, it’s been a simple formula: eat the amount and types of food that maintain our desired weight. The only key beyond that is becoming a person who does that because it’s in their nature.”

The obesity epidemic is showing no sign of slowing down – and Flett’s work may be the wake-up call that many Americans need to hear: a clarion call to arms to reclaim freedom of their mind and body over a society that profits from their obesity – and then the diet cycle that follows.

The real question is: will America listen, or continue to choose a lifestyle that’s making them ever sicker with each passing decade?

The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss is available on Amazon’s Kindle platform and paperback from Amazon and Friesen Press.

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