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Willpower & Weight Loss

Why using willpower for weight loss has a proven track record of failure.

Using willpower for weight loss has a proven track record of failure. As I mention in my book The Two Keys to Permanent Weight Loss, many researchers feel the failure rate is around 95%.

For most of us, willpower is a weak, ineffective tool for weight loss. Why? Because with the willpower method of losing weight you fight yourself - you fight against your own human nature - which is many times stronger than your willpower. You have good intentions to lose weight, but you also have huge feelings of a loss of freedom, of too much restriction, too much effort required, and you can get weary and/or complacent. Habits are usually stronger than our willpower.

If you have used willpower and lost weight and then gained it back again - and you fear failure again - I have some wonderful news for you. Give your willpower a rest for now, and let’s utilize a method that is powerful and proven. I want you to embrace a new nature that will powerfully lift you above fear and failure and will have you enjoying the permanent weight loss process.

Your desire to lose weight needs to awaken a second nature within you. This awakening may happen quickly, or it may take time to fully awaken to the possibilities before you, which can be yours with a new mindset and a new nature. Your overweight nature has to be put to sleep and buried beneath the qualities of your new nature.

As your nature/behavior changes, you will be able to look at yourself and notice definite changes from where you were. Changes in nature occur just like a plant growing from a seed; slowly but surely if there is water, nourishment, sunshine, and proper care, it grows. Sometimes new nature changes can happen quickly as our mindset changes quickly.

How do you provide, care for, and grow your new nature? You feed it. You feed it and fuel it with food for thought by directing your thoughts to all the things pertaining to your weight-loss goal, i.e., nutrition, exercise, fiber, metabolism, the things you will do at your goal weight, etc. You make it grow by taking a keen interest in weight loss. Interest is one of the greatest educators and changers. Reading my book The Two Keys to Permanent Weight Loss is a great step in new nature development.

You also feed, strengthen, and stimulate your new permanent weight-loss nature when you practice the things that make up your new nature, such as eating less, eating healthy, eating more fiber, exercising, and by being more into the outdoors and less into electronics.

The future is bright! You’ve not only shed pounds but you’re also shedding the mindset that allowed you to be overweight. Your new mindset is now,

“Whatever it takes, I will give.”

Do things that your original nature didn’t do (or perhaps didn’t do in more recent years). Walk, exercise, play sports, eat only eighty to ninety percent of what you used to eat, etc. Be very patient with the growth of your new nature. Growth takes time.

Text extracted from the book The Two Keys to Permanent Weight Loss, by Ken Flett

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