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Weight-Loss Scams Through the Ages

Before you look for “Easy” ways to lose weight, look for “Effective” and “Safe & Healthy.”

Human nature always wants to believe in the easy way. I’m sure the first weight-loss scam showed up sometime shortly after the printing press was invented. I also believe it probably followed the same program that scammers use nowadays: simply promise, dramatic weight loss with little or no effort.

One current trend on the Internet is to use some catchy lead-in wording that takes the victim to a lengthy video that does a sales job on them by promoting some amazing product that promises… what? You guessed it: dramatic weight loss with little or no effort. Weight-reducing mouth spray anybody? It’s guaranteed…to take your money.

A lot of time and money gets put into the search for a magic weight-loss bullet. However, the simple truth is that the weight was put on by overeating and inactivity, and so the reverse is needed for the weight to come off. We want to find the easiest way that will work for you to lose weight, but before you look for “Easy,” look for “Effective” and “Safe & Healthy,” and then make it effective as easy and as doable as you can.

To prove you don't need any easy scam product to lose weight, in my book The Two Keys to Permanent Weight Loss, I present the number one most important aspect of any weight plan: your mind. Your mind is preeminent in changing your nature. I also discuss the second most important component of any weight loss plan: have your hormones work for you - not against you. Considering and working with your hormones ensures that your body chemistry will not sabotage your weight loss efforts.

General weight loss statistics and information has also been discussed, along with a need to change an overweight nature into a permanent weight loss nature. An overweight nature keeps a person overweight, or "yo-yoing" their weight up and down.

When a person loses down to their goal weight, a permanent weight loss nature will then maintain that weight loss. Changing your nature is absolutely vital for permanent weight loss, and your mind and thinking will be the biggest part of that change. I invite you to focus on the plan offered in the book The Two Keys to Permanent Weight Loss for changing your human nature, and please realize that when that is accomplished, you will have simultaneously arrived at permanent weight loss without falling for false promises

Text extracted from the book The Two Keys to Permanent Weight Loss, by Ken Flett

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