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The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss by Ken Flett

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

“When we argue for our limitations, we get to keep them.”

– Evelyn Waugh, British author

At any given time, at least 45 million Americans are on a diet – and with more than two in three adults considered to be overweight, dieting has become a huge industry worth a gut-busting $60 billion-a-year.

We eat it all up, from weight loss pills, and weight loss foods to the latest diet book and gadgets, eager for a quick-fix to zap the unwanted pounds accumulating around our waists leaving us feeling sluggish, unattractive, and unhealthy.

It’s become a traditional ritual of adulthood: going on a diet.

But for Nine out of Ten People, It Simply Doesn’t Work

For all the hard work put into slimming and trimming, 95% of dieters will find themselves back at square one in less than a year. As the severity of the U.S. obesity epidemic deepens, one question needs to be answered: why?

As we yo-yo between our target weight and the weight our bodies naturally seem to gravitate to, many are finding targets to blame: genetics, a poor metabolism, lousy willpower, or even their gender.

The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss is a revolutionary new book that challenges pre-existing thought in the dieting and weight loss industry, arguing that our basic nature is responsible for our weight and that we can change our nature with our mind.

The book was built on the results of a probing questionnaire sent out to 2,067 adults asking them to share their experience of weight loss, weight gain, and their own human nature. In his book, author Ken Flett takes those findings and shows how the industrialization of society, the rise of office jobs, and the free availability of fat- and sugar-filled foods at rock bottom prices, have made a significant contribution to the national waistline since the 1950s.

Flett argues that the 5% of dieters who make a truly permanent weight loss and go on to live a healthy life at their ideal weight, are the ones who were able to fully adjust their mindset to a new one – so much so that it became their second nature.

As this significant psychological change takes place, the natural changes required in lifestyle and diet to maintain a healthy weight come naturally. Without this core change in nature, people will always slip back to bad, old habits – simply because they are so familiar and comforting.

The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss is a guide book to better health. Over its three core parts, readers will discover:

  • The truth behind genetics, gender, aging, and metabolism – and why they aren’t as important as you think

  • How big business is making big money off the food we put into our mouths – no matter whether the food is unhealthy or marketed as otherwise

  • How you can start to truly start thinking about what you are putting in your body – and whether you need to eat it or not

  • The power of your mind, and how you can use it to transform your outlook not just on the food you eat, but your whole lifestyle

  • The 22 reasons we all eat – and why only two of them are good reasons

  • Why sugar is one of the deadliest killers out there – and how to break free of its near-ubiquity

  • How to retrain and rebrand your nature into a new free one, that gives you complete governance of your body – and what you put inside it

THE 2 KEYS TO PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS, is not a standard diet book: it is a treatise that calls upon Americans to claim back their freedom and their body as theirs. It is a bold new look at why dieting doesn’t work – and how you can finally break a lifetime of yo-yo dieting using nothing more than the incredible power of your own mind.

Author Ken Flett lives in Cache Creek, British Columbia with his wife, and is a life-long student of the mysteries of the human condition. Awaken Your Second Nature for Permanent Weight Loss is his first book.

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