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The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss

Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you lost weight only to gain it back again? Have you relied on will power to battle food cravings, only to fail time and time again? Do you blame genetics for your inability to maintain a healthy body weight? If so, you’re not alone. North America is currently gripped by an obesity epidemic. The food industry spends billions of dollars annually to convince us to eat more. Then we spend billions on the weight loss industry to lose weight.

The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss Book Front Cover

Praise & Reviews

Great book, very well researched

Everybody struggles with weight. Some need to gain some, some lose some. Flett managed to help me visualize how weight works. By explaining and helping picture our natural body functions, I became more aware of how weight works.

I highly appreciate how Flett explains his experiences or describes some in his book, because it allowed me to feel like I was not alone.

I learnt the importance of knowing how we work, because then you can pinpoint the areas you need to better to control weight gain and loss.

This book made me realize how mindful eating is one of the most important things one should learn.

I would definetely recommend to anyone who wishes to become more self aware on thir weight in a healthier way.

- Isabel

Starting the journey to permanent weight loss

Ken Flett makes an interesting point in the fact that much of what is commonly believed about weight loss was falsely taught and beliefs carried from the 60/70’s. This book is split into three primary parts, discuss everything from the genetics involved in weight, strategies, hormones, to human nature.

There are two main focuses in this book about the journey of losing weight and making sure one keeps the weight off. The first being one’s mindset and the other being making sure one’s body is working with and not against oneself. It is interesting to read a book about weightless where the most important thing prioritized is not exercise by itself but rather keeping a good mindset and taking things week by week.

Overall I definitely believe that reading this book is a nice way to start one’s journey and really think about how one should go about starting their weight loss journey and making this change into a permanent one.

- Jailene

Ken Flett

My Story


My interest in human nature started early. As a child I can remember thinking, “Why do we do the things we do, and why do we each react so differently to the same thing?" I've been an interested observer of human nature all my life, especially in regards to weight gain and weight loss. Growing up as a skinny and underweight child and teenager, and experiencing all that goes along with that at school (when one doesn't fit the norm), I would eat and eat and eat and not be able to gain a pound. Living on a hobby farm acreage resulted in a high-activity level. I played sports and games with friends and family almost every day after school, in addition to chores, building animal pens and shelters, and exploring the backwoods. I remember looking at an overweight kid and thinking, “It's physically impossible for me to gain weight, but it's probably possible for that kid to lose weight."

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